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An ideal cloud for all task types

Use uninterrupted VPS with a guaranteed set of resources and a dedicated IP address to host any number of sites, databases, and web applications.
Develop, deploy and test software using powerful equipment. Increase the effectiveness of your team with 24/7 project sharing worldwide access.
VDI, VPN and Proxy
Create full-function virtual desktops, private virtual networks, and proxies that let you stay online anonymously.
Perform migration of the company's IT infrastructure, corporate mails, CRM systems, accounting data, etc. to a secure cloud. Save on upgrading and maintaining your own IT park.

Why developers choose Serverspace

99,9% SLA

We guarantee high availability and financial compensation in case of SLA violations.

10-minute billing cycle

Our services are charged every 10 minutes and only for the resources actually used.

24/7 support

Our technical support team is ready to provide you with professional help.

Enterprise equipment

We use enterprise equipment from leading global manufacturers Cisco and NetApp.

4 Data centers

Our infrastructure is located in the largest data centers in the world.

Office in the USA

Our office is located in the USA and we accept payments in dollars.

Global cloud service provider

Some of our clients reviews

I’ve recently had a chance to try out the service offered by Serverspace. The first thing I notice is the user interface is very intuitive. As much as I love AWS, the design of Serverspace feels much more natural and is quite pretty. Another nice feature was the blue sliders for the server settings. Sometimes I am trying to quickly spin up a server during a “fire” and having to specifically click and key in the numbers I need sets me back. Finally, the settings are simple but they do not feel lacking for the majority of deployments.
Jesse Russell
I am very satisfied with the simplicity and ergonomy of the platform. The various possibilities it offers enabled me to concentrate on the core service and get reassured about the infrastructure details. So, I have not brought time on checking the physical hardware issues or storage errors since at every point of time my data is backed up and securely available over the network. For high-quality VPS Services, don't hesitate: it is your ultimate choice
Thabet Tlili
I love to check out different services and a few days ago I have found out Serverspace. Regarding the Server creation, it was easier than Vultr or Digital Ocean. The website is easy to navigate and it took me less than 4 minutes to create the server including the registering part. For me, as a system administrator, it is very important not to lose time in a "register-server creation" part, so I can be focused directly on the server setup directly.
Florjan Llapi

Technology Partners


vStack is the unique hyperconverged platform powered by high performance Open Source solutions


Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions


NetApp is the data authority in the hybrid cloud


VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure & digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation for evolving IT environments

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