Data processing center in New Jersey, the USA

We have widened the list of available data centers for Serverspace users and added a new platform. Meet the new-generation autonomous data center NNJ3, located in New Jersey, the USA!

Fault free

The data center provides its maximum 100% uptime, according to the SLA. This feature is provided thanks to the four fully independent (N+1) redundant power systems with its own back-up diesel generators.

The on-site JCP&L electrical substation provides supplementary power supply.


The NNJ3 Data Processing Center is built in a small town named Parsippany, located 30 miles from Manhattan, New York. Thanks to its historically advantageous location (~ 287 feet above sea level), the data center is reliably protected against natural hazards and remains safe even after such devastating hurricanes as Sandy.

There is an in-house 24-hour on-site security service: a non-stop closed-circuit HD- video surveillance (CCTV) and a permit system requiring three-factor authentication with biometric scanning (fingerprints and iris scanning).


The data center is equipped with low-velocity cooling systems with N+1 redundancy, which extracts hot air into a separate cooling room and saves equipment from contamination. Also, there is a pre-fire suppression system with dual interlock.

Data center certifications: