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Serverspace has cut down deployment time of the cloud servers by 86.6%

William Bell
September 28, 2020

At this moment, an average time to create new virtual machines running Windows and Linux is 40 seconds. It lets you start working with cloud servers almost immediately after a deployment request.

A large-scale optimization has become available by implementing a technology, which issues servers from a specific pool. Once you have ordered a service, Serverspace automatically selects a new server with an appropriate configuration from the pool where the server was pre-hosted. It is almost ready to go, and the user just needs to wait for its setup to be completed.

«One of our strategic focuses is to optimize the speed of creating cloud servers. Today we have made a great improvement, reducing the creation time by a factor of 7.5, but it is not the end of the line,»says Konstantin Kudryashov, the head of Serverspace.

Cutting down the average index to 40 seconds is a record-breaking result: before optimization the creation speed of Windows servers was 300 seconds, as for Linux servers — 60 seconds. However, the new technology has additional potential and Serverspace is planning to continue its development in order to improve the quality of service offered to the customers.

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