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Serverspace is Launching a New Flexible Plan for Everyone

William Bell
October 21, 2020

New Jersey, the USA — October 21, 2020 — Serverspace is launching the option to create flexible cloud servers configurations. Now customers can choose the number of processor cores, the size of RAM, disk storage, as well as bandwidth for each cloud server, on their own. It is possible to change the server configuration at any time. There are no limits on it, even if the server has already been created.

“Serverspace helps build an advanced cloud infrastructure by providing its modern tools that at most meet the needs of users and business. Flexible cloud servers are rare in the cloud service market. However, customers need them, and we are one of the few who have implemented this,” says Konstantin Kudryashov, the head of Serverspace.

More Features, Less Costs

  • Now the channel bandwidth can be extended up to 200 Mbps. And reduce it at any time.
  • When the flexible server is shut down, only ordered licenses, snapshots, IP addresses, and disk space are billed.
  • Internet traffic is provided free of charge and with no restrictions. Both flexible and fixed plans provide it.

And yes, fixed plans continue to exist and become compatible with flexible ones. Customers can switch from fixed to flexible plan even on existing cloud server.

Welcome to the reimagined cloud!

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