Direct Connect

Leave a request for the direct connection of your corporate network to our cloud.

Top Bandwidth
Direct Connect provides the maximum speed. Nothing could be faster.
Lowest Latency
Forget about network congestion. Get used to low latency and stability.
Most Secure
Defend against the dangers of the public network. Use a network you trust.

Your Best Connection

Convenient Way

Direct Connect is a convenient way to connect your own network to the Serverspace cloud. This method allows for a more secure and stable connection, less latency, and more bandwidth.

Dedicated Line

You only need one physical carrier dedicated line to connect to the Serverspace cloud at one point, and you can quickly deploy cloud servers based on your fast and reliable network.

Work Cases

Icon: disaster recovery

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

For application scenarios where backup is required, you can realize the communications between VPC and your Direct connect through Connection, and then back up the data by dual line access or VPN access. The IP address range overlap between the VPC and the Direct connect does not affect communications.

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Deploying Disaster Recovery

For application scenarios that need to be configured for backups, the private data center integrates with your own Direct connect via physical leased line access, while data backups are either dual-line or VPN access. Overlapping the private network and the data center network segment does not affect communication between the two parties.