Virtual Private Cloud

Design your own protected cloud in a logically isolated public network segment.

Stay Private, Completely

Maintain a proper level of security without being exposed to the external world.

Security Compliance
Prepare your network to meet industry regulations, such as PCI, SOC, etc.
Total Control
Control inbound and outbound access to subnets.
Reduced Costs
Build an isolated cloud for free. Check out both security and cost savings.
Lightning Speed
Connect cloud servers into a high-speed network with up to 1 Gbps bandwidth.
Agile Scaling
Easily scale your network as your applications and business grow.
Global Locations
Deploy private networks across reliable data centers worldwide.

Same as Your Personal Data Center

Great cloud performance on a secure, dedicated infrastructure.

Most on-premise data centers can’t be compared to Tier 3-design facilities, and IT professionals are increasingly aware of the need to move to the cloud.

It appears to become the top reason businesses are moving to cloud environments with VPC.

Goals to move to VPC — achieving high uptime and redundancy, improving the infrastructure security, accessing greater scale, and network capabilities.

Protecting a business from cyberattacks
Scaling an infrastructure for business growth
Aligning more closely with goals of business units
Adopting a disaster recovery or business continuity strategy

Addressing Security Challenges

Get rid of the headache when you must meet security department compliance.

Improve Resiliency & Availability
Improve Security & Apps Scalability
Improve Network Performance

Simplicity at Work

VPC helps support a broad range of business and IT tasks, let’s look at the example workloads.

On-cloud Intranet
Create a completely isolated corporate environment without the Internet, where security comes first.
Web Services
Use a VPC service to create private networks and provide web services that can be accessed by a large number of users simultaneously.
Research and Development
Use VPC to develop products in the R&D department adding the security to pass the compliance standards your organization must adhere to.
Disaster Recovery
The VPC is great for backups in the event of a server crash or power failure which is always the key in a production setting.